Statement Oktavia Schreiner

In my artistic work I have a preference building architectural objects that look like elements of our

world, but they are not functional or the reference is not clear. My preferred material is wood, but i

don`t want to use it exclusively. Shape and size of the objects I make often arise from using

standard sized wood processing. That way there is again some kind of recognition to our visual

environment. I am drawing on the objects with pencil and stain. Ornaments, dots and lines, plants,

fruits, medical and everyday tools. Some wood objects are combined with other materials such as

videos of faces (which i have done a lot before beginning to work with three dimensional objects),

embroidered textile (it is a great way to break with strait lines) or granite as a pedestal.

I want to see things i did not expect, find shapes and colours that excite me and be aware about the

biography of my taste. 

1991  in Salzburg

Ausstellungs- und Installationsansichten


2018 Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
2017 Master of Fine Art, University of Arts and Design Linz, Austria
2014 Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Art and Design Linz, Austria
2009-2011 Internship Patricia Marchart, Filmmaker, Vienna, Austria
2015 Internship, Visual Artist Nicole Wermers, London and Glasgow, Scotland (during her nomination for the Turner Prize at Tramway)