Yvette Gellis

The recurring theme of loss is an ongoing theme in my work, as places most meaningful seem to disappear. 

*b in Chicago



 Seaver College


Ausstellungs- und Installationsansichten



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Movement and Change Within Stability.

Yvette Gellis´ extended paintings


Yvette Gellis’ Gemälde und Installationen der vergangenen Jahre spiegeln in besonderer Weise ihren analytischen Zugang zu Malerei und Raum sowie die sie stets begleitenden philosophischen Gedanken zur Veränderung wider.



Yvette gellis artist statement


My work derives inspiration from the world in which I live and work. Wandering through various cities and environments with their endlessly shifting landscapes, often incongruous, and always progressively changing, I record perception like metaphorical footnotes: the stains, textures, and marks imprinted everywhere transforms into a kind of mind map of daily life. My fascination with the decay of once celebrated architectural buildings and spaces led me to examine how perception and experience inform the everyday world. Seeing my childhood home bulldozed to make way for a tract housing development left me with a profound sense of lost that still resonates in my mind. 

The recurring theme of loss is an ongoing theme in my work, as places most meaningful seem to disappear. Historical structures containing a vast history and life force further inform, representing at once a safe space, and one imagined, yet within the passage of time degrades, becoming obsolete. Stored within memory are collections of images, landscapes containing objects, forms, and spaces, which I deconstruct and resurrect to reflect the fleeting nature of our urban landscape, as emblematic of the economic cycle of rebirth, growth, and decline. Of concern is the evanescent nature of material, the entropy of matter that dissolves away as the physical world reinvents. Memory contained in spaces cannot be erased. There is something beyond the physical world where thoughts transmute into “things,” objects, formations in literal space and time, and my investment involves extracting meaning wherein the sacred and the profane co-exist.