Katharina Karner „wall installation“, 6 paintings mixed media, wallpaper on wood, 250 x 450 cm


PRIVATE VIEW: 29. 01. 2015, 7.00 pm
DURATION: 29. 01. - 21. 03. 2015

Immer diese schöne Harmonie in der Tradition
Immer diese schöne Harmonie
Immer dieses Schöne

Katharina Karner’s art offers its audience the opportunity to choose either to view the pieces in a humorous way or to question its humorous aspects on a meta-level. The latter enables the viewer to dive together with the artist into a thorough investigation of basic terms of aesthetics, social science and history of arts. A remarkable element here is that viewers are not forced into analyzing her work, as she doesn’t address direct criticism or ambiguous messages. Rather, her grotesque use of humor frees her concept of any obligations. This in turn opens a path to possible reflection, which in contrast to direct criticism requires only as much commitment as the recipient is willing to take. For those willing to engage in this commitment, it will unmask norms in art history and reveal deeply rooted societal structures.

Anna Maria Brunnhofer (excerpt)