November, 20.  2014, 7pm

November, 21. until Jannuary 15.2015

Josef Danner – Semanticizing, Irony, and Exposing Social Myths

Although attributed to the “abstract” line of the “Neue Wilde”
in the beginning, the work of Josef Danner as a painter, graphic
artist, and designer of poster installations in public space has
developed increasingly in the direction of conceptual art. Like
a highly sensitive seismograph, he registers intellectual, cultural-
historical, social, and—in the sense of Roland Barthes–
mythical constructs. For his works, he dips into a store of materials
collected over many years that have been subjects of his
reflections, studies, and new constructions.

The multitude of references that Josef Danner produces, the
game with iconographies and social myths, evokes a wide field
of intellectual and aesthetic impulses. In this regard, one might
apply to his whole complex of works Josef Danner’s verbal
construct: “Missing: a museum for delusional systems in progress
and the time to visit it.” He implements the “delusional
systems” of the last decades and the present, playing on and
exposing such systems with exaggeration and irony. His work
itself becomes a museum in progress. One should take time to
visit it.

Eva Maltrovsky ( Exzerpt)