Opening: Sunday,Sept., 16th,   2012, 7pm

Duration: until October, 16th, 2012



 When Moritz Götze visited the art fairs in Germany just after the reunion, he was massively amazed.
For the DDR-born artist this whole situation was full of contradictions. He was astonished at the offered artworks, their prizes and the demand.
Shortly afterwards his works were presented on these fairs and curators indicated his images as “German Pop”. So it was the artist from the “East”, who invented the “German Pop”.

But was is German Pop art? Similar to the big, American brother it’s bright, cheerfull and plan with no fears of contacts to comics, avant-garde, representational art and junk.

Moritz Götze pokes and digs in German history. He doesn’t back away from anyone and, just because it’s Pop, his images stand beyond old political controversies, for Moritz Götze’s Pop Art is open to every fine idea.

Despite of his big success and prominence his images continue to be affordable.