2012 - Katharina KARNER

"Hot Bot",155 x 250 cm, 2-teilig, Öl, Acryl , Goldpigment / LW, 2011

 "K.U.R."Karners Universal Roboter

OPENING: Sunday,  Februay, 26.   2012, 7p.m.
DURATION: till   April 06. 2012

The acronym K.U.R. stands for Karner's Universal Robots and entitles the picture series of Really Unable Robots. By creating these images, Katharina Karner joins the reception history of Rossum's Universal Robots (Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti), which was coined by Karel Čapek and his play R.U.R. in 1921. It was the first time that a technical being with artificial intelligence was called a „robot“ and soon the term entered everyday language. In the play, androids are treated as slaves of human mankind – integrated into our working environment but exploited due to their skills. Karner appropriates the title R.U.R. of the brothers Čapek and creates the Really Unable Robots. They emerge as clunky-looking patchwork "things", through which the titling as a “thing” already inherently reflects their apparent worthlessness. With the progress of the series Katharina Karner plays with an increasing humanization and integration of the androids into our cultural history, but maybe not as superhumans or "Frankenstein’s" creatures, but as failing, useless individuals.