Saturday,  November 25th  2012, 7. pm
duration until January 14th  2013


Elisabeth Sonneck discovers the real room by the means of painting, she pursues the mutual relations between space and image. Colour fields get into connection, take part and gather space that is no longer transcendent. These in-situ-works can be considered as a reflected comment on a certain, encountered spatial situation. Therefore the paintings constantly emerge, as a movement in between, out of the objects within the room that is carrying them. Sonneck’s paintings are a figure of conjunction that unfolds textures of the visible. They’re both: precise spatial measurement, which gathers the architectonical structures, the peculiarities and also frictions of the place as well as intuitively developed paintings. Thus the perception of Sonneck’s room-concepts become an interleaving, new spatial experience, which only then brings out the particularity of the room.
Rules and rooms of the game as well as restriction and limitlessness of experience get into an indissoluble interplay, in which construction and intuition, order and freedom, variation and consistency, economy and overspending are in a soft balance. The always precise spatial reference is never predefined, but is more unfolding itself out of the particular situation: Sometimes spatial details that quickly catch sight determine the recipient’s perception, sometimes it takes longer, until the room reveals itself. Occasionally his story and his original usage become part of the topic.

Excerpt: Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, in: Elisabeth Sonneck – In Farbe, ortsspezifische Malerei 2006-2011, Modo Verlag 2012