exhibition view: "Syndicate 18", 2015, Brunnhofer Galerie

Paul Kranzler has always tried to enhance the termini of portrait, by retaining not only the human body, yet the surrounding as well. As for that he photographs the social and natural environment which is related to the personal story of protagonists. In the series “Vademecum” he continued working in this manner with the skulls of Hallstatt. The poetry of the ornaments, the associative power of the names and the whole beauty of the painted skulls were challenging and –after all – had to live up to the originals. Paul Kranzler took up the gauntlet and worked on these pledges of the past by photographing each of them. In this way he created some sort of the “last portrait” of an individual living – a homage to the human life and a hint to the myth of the ferryman.