exhibition view:  Yvette Gellis, "Beyond all Scope of Sense", 2016

In particular, Yvette Gellis´ paintings and installations of the past few years reflect both her analytical approach to painting and space, and her perpetual, accompanying philosophical scrutiny of the phenomenon of change. Every visually recognizable aesthetic characteristic offers the recipient two contentual threads, which link the paintings and interspatial installations. Within this constellation the painting as a medium forms the creative nucleus and a permanent, integral feature of the artist´s analysis of space in terms of aesthetic quality and contemplative realization. In addition, her entire oeuvre deals with a philosophical investigation of the collective world soul and it´s changing individualisms. However, the various works are free of a didactic communication of the aforementioned three themes. These first find full expression in discussion with the artist and subsequent to the consideration of her entire oeuvre. Accordingly, this volume deals with recent exhibitions in America, Asia and Europe and the subsequent, published criticisms, while this essay is intended to serve as parentheses for the related content and a means of exploring in greater depth the topics that are concealed beneath the visibly accessible surface. For although the diverse aspects of painting and space are in part visually comprehensible, or even tangible, the analysis of the collective world soul and it´s shifting individualisms is exclusively cerebral.

excerpt from: "Movement and Change Within Stability. Yvette Gellis´ extended paintings", Anna Maria B., 2016